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The Power of the Word

Books have opened my eyes to ideas that I’ve never been exposed to before. They have shaped my life and given me a deeper understanding of principles of truth. I love being able to see things from different perspectives. I’m often reading two or three books at a time; choosing which one I’ll spend time with depending on my mood.

There came a time in my life when I was compelled to dig deep, be resilient, and craft a different “fairy-tale ending” for myself than the one I’d envisioned. Several books helped me re-imagine my future, forge new habits and feel confident in moving forward on unfamiliar ground.

There is a scripture that states, “Seek ye diligently and teach one another words of wisdom; yea, seek ye out of the best books words of wisdom . ..”

Here is a list of my favorites. I have been awakened, educated and empowered by what I’ve learned through these amazing books. I guarantee that each one is fantastic and will be totally worth your time.(Check them out on the Suggested Reading tab.)

  • Choosing Clarity - Kimberly Giles

  • Intuitive Eating - Evelyn Tribole, M.S., R.D. & Elyse Resch, M.S., R.D

  • Healing After Loss - Martha W. Hickman

  • Man’s Search for Meaning – Viktor E. Frankl

  • The Lesson – Carol Lynn Pearson

  • The Gift – Carol Lynn Pearson

  • The Anatomy of Peace - The Arbinger Institute

  • Leadership and Deception – The Arbinger Institute

  • The missing piece meets the Big O – Shel Silverstein

  • Strengths Finder 2.0 – Tom Rath

  • Confronting Abuse, an LDS Perspective on Understanding and Healing - Anne L. Horton, B. Kent Harrison & Barry L. Johnson

  • The Peacegiver – James L. Ferrell

  • Boundaries - Dr.'s Henry Cloud & John Townsend

  • Pathological Positivity – Paul H. Jenkins Ph.D.

  • The Fred Factor – Mark Sanborn

  • How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk - John Van Epp

  • Learning to Launch , A Guide to Starting New Projects – Robert B. Sowby Ph.D.

  • The Five Love Languages: How to Express Heartfelt Commitment to Your Mate - Gary Chapman